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Disaster Recovery

In today’s interconnected world, business continuity is vital to business success. Companies operations are vulnerable to disruptions due to natural disasters, service interruptions and unexpected events.  To help you evaluated and defend against these risks, we offers a set of resiliency services that will help you comply with regulations, recover from disasters, and keep your business operating under virtually any condition. Through its dedicated infrastructure and cloud offerings with its Braincloud service, Cortex IT offers fast and flexible disaster recovery flexibly meeting all your needs and requirements.

We can also accommodate your backups in order not to store them in safe distance of your production site's geographical area.

We can offer the following solutions:

  • Colocation services for your disaster recovery infrastructure
  • Cloud backup solutions
  • Infrastructure as a Service solution offering
  • Managed services offering including monitoring of your systems abd alarm organisation
  • Evaluation, design and implementation of your disaster recovery plan (DRP)

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