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 The Cloud according to Swiss standards: Cortex IT Braincloud 

Our “Braincloud” infrastructure is hosted exclusively on Swiss territory, in two separate geographic regions.  Based on the latest IT infrastructure technology, our mulit-tenant architecture isolates customer environments from external disturbances, while ensuring total confidentially of customer data at an optimised cost-point.

Our data centers in Lausanne and Geneva are of the latest, most advanced generation and meet the strictest security levels demanded in the financial financial services industry, international trading and in the public sector. They also respect the latest environmental standards in terms of energy consumption and cooling methods.

Cortex IT offers two types of services for your cloud infrastructure:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)

These services allow you to pay per use or on a monthly basis (OPEX) instead of investing in expensive infrastructure (CAPEX).

IaaS - Flexibility on the go

Our IaaS solution provides a virtualised infrastructure that accepts most Operating Systems environments. Customers can thus focus on implementing their applications without the hassle of ensuring the availability, meeting performance demands and planning for future growth.

PaaS - Focus on your business

Our PaaS solution allows our customers to focus on their business activity and not be sidetracked by IT issues. We offer a wide range of system platforms such as Microsoft or Linux which serve as the base on which your applications can be installed. All of these platforms are maintained and serviced by our technical staff. In addition to this IT infrastructure, we also maintain and administer any other operating systems.

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